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Oct 07 2019

The North Face Nuptse

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When The North Face introduced the Nuptse jacket in 1992, its goal was to offer high-performance outerwear for serious mountain climbers. Therefore, The North Face Nupste jacket has many functions. Light down feathers are used for the ultimate protection against the cold while offer a compact design. The horizontal pocket construction on the jacket is designed so that the feathers stay in place and retain the heat as well. The recognizable color combinations of The North Face Nupste jackets serve for visibility in the mountains. The jacket’s name is also mountain inspired, Nuptste is actually a mountain that lies two kilometers southwest of the Mount Everest.

Nowadays a much wider audience than mountaineers wear The North Face Nupste jacket. The jacket is worn mostly among people who aren’t planning on going to climb a mountain, it has become a real fashion piece which make you look stylish and keeps you warm at the same time! The North Face Nuptse is now available in four colorways at The Hunting Ensemble.



The North Face Nuptse 


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